The sensation of producing the new website Playboy could not be other than nostalgia. We grew up going to the newsstands, discovering the new covers, sharing with friends magical photos that marked our lives. At that time, to be part of the reconstruction of such a powerful brand in Brazil was indescribable. Therefore, the design needed to be unique, clean and objective, while blended with more modern and dynamic elements, such as an off-canvas menu, some light animations and a search screen carefully designed to meet an audience as demanding.


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Terrazzas plans and develops innovative and differentiated real estate projects, with tailored solutions for the new society aspirations and the market. Thus transforming the way of living in a new experience. For over 13 years, seeks a perfect relationship between architecture, technology and constructive intelligence. It also creates enterprises that value their regions. Try this new style of living.

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Reebok Mission

Reebok has been investing increasingly in sports, especially CrossFit. In another campaign developed by our company in partnership with TM1 agency, we developed together a promotional solution. Prepared especially for the teams that will be participating in this event, the result was simply amazing. #SomosTodosReebok

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Neo Urbanismo

Neo Urbanismo’s develops real estate projects – open and closed allotments according to the vocation of the area or the ground. Respecting the project to be carried out and looking their best use ever. Its products are aimed at developing new residential areas (single and multi-family) and trade, leading growth and expansion of cities. For the website, even in such a conventional segment, we explored gradients and vibrant colors. In addition, strong images that express the context in a more humane way.

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SPL Engenharia

SPL started its operation in 1981 with public and industrial works. This experience allowed to enter the residential market with a high level of quality in their projects throughout Brazil. Today the company operates efficiently in various segments of the construction market. Since public works, institutional, commercial and residential, to the incorporation and property delivery. To continue its history, we have developed a modern website, exploring leads conversion elements and following the best strategies for inbound and SEO.

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Decote Deluxe

Decote is for over 25 years in the market with several sales outlets throughout the country. It offers a quality product, femininity and creativity in parts that wear various types of women. To further strengthen the branding and repositioning its brand, Decote tried to establish vintage visuals as a primary feature. Exploring floral and watercolor on the website, the result was truly amazing exactly as the brand with their clothes!

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